Submit Yearbook Photos


At this time, we are now accepting photo submissions to the 2022-2023 Yearbook. All children who sat for a portrait in the fall will have that photo included in the book (and we already have it). We also have other sections in the book for photos from happenings throughout the year. Here is information on how to submit those yearbook photos:

  1. Photos may be uploaded to our share drive here. Here’s that link again just in case: We are accepting all kinds of photos from THIS SCHOOL YEAR ONLY. Look at the file folders on our share drive for ideas. Also, you may email photos to
  2. We ask that photos be put into the proper file folder on the share drive and/or renamed with pertinent info (ex: Halloween_JohnDoe_1stgrade) to help us make this book as quickly as possible.
  3. Preferred format for photos is .jpg with 300+ dpi resolution. Unfortunately, screenshots cannot be accepted.
  4. If your child did not have their fall portrait taken at school, and you’d like to have their photo included, please email us a headshot.

*Pro Tip: Photos that are properly labeled are more likely to be included in the book because they are more easily sorted!

The yearbook is set to come out this summer, possibly before the end of the school year if paper supply chains cooperate! You can BUY A BOOK HERE. If you are willing to help with the book, please reach out!