Create a Character Pumpkin for the Media Center with your Family

Media Center Family Project:
Create a Book Character Pumpkin for our library!

Make a Book Character Pumpkin with your family to display in our media center. Please bring the matching book to be displayed with your pumpkin and complete the Pumpkin Book Report (see Mrs. Hazel for form)

No real pumpkins- We want to display them without them damaging the books (or getting smelly!)
Size- You should be able to carry your pumpkin to school safely on the bus OR arrange for a parent to bring it to school AND pick it up.
Materials- Be creative! You may use any materials that are safe for school use- no sharp or breakable objects please.

Due Date: Please turn in your pumpkin and book report to Mrs. Hazel by October 28th. We will keep them on display through November.

Please make sure to clearly label your pumpkin and book with your full name and PM teacher to make sure that they are returned.