Wellness Week 2019

Be Kind to Your Mind

PES Wellness Week 2019

 Monday, 11/11:

 Practice      Self-Control

 Tuesday, 11/12:
Boost Confidence
Wednesday, 11/13:
Manage Stress
Thursday, 11/14:
Build Compassion
Friday, 11/15:
When we practice self-control, we prove to ourselves and others that we have what it takes to reach EXCELLENCE! 
On Monday, show us your school spirit with your Potomac Mustang gear or by wearing green! 


Suggested video for parents to watch:

Video Link

Be Kind, Kindness Matters, Believe in Yourself… We can boost the confidence of others simply with the clothes we choose to wear.
On Tuesday, wear clothing with an inspirational message.

Suggested book to read!

Kid Confidence

At times, life and school can be stressful.  Managing that stress and just chilling helps us to be better learners.  
On Wednesday, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Suggested book to read!

Stress Free Kids

Caring and showing concern for others is one way to build compassion.  Wood Acres has heart!
On Thursday, wear red to show us Potomac  has got heart!
Suggested website to checkout!13 Ways to Raise a Caring and Compassionate Child
When we practice Mindfulness we are present and in the moment and are thoughtful about our choices.
On Friday, wear your favorite outfit and be mindful and intentional about what you wear. 
Suggested book to read!Peacful Parent, Happy Kids