Medical Forms Turned-In?

It’s been a while since many have been in school in person. This is a reminder that many students will need standard vaccinations before returning to school. Medical appointments fill up fast this time of year, so now is the time to call and get an appointment.
A few hundred students last year fell behind on their routine vaccinations for many reasons, including that they weren’t going to the doctor for checkups. Now is the time to catch up on those to protect your children.
The article, Back-to-School Vaccines Your Kids Need, provides a guide to the standard vaccinations required by age, but you should talk with your child’s doctor to determine which ones your child needs before school starts.
Not having the required vaccinations means no school, which also means the state does not fund those students.  We got waivers last year because we were virtual, but this year the state and MCPS will require all vaccinations to be up to date to return to school.

These are the 3 forms for incoming K-12 students posted on the website.
Physical exam form:
Vaccination form:
Lead test form:

We hope this information is helpful! Looking forward to a safe and healthy school year!