2/1 – 2/28: Read-A-Thon

The Read-A-Thon is an amazing time of year for our students! This is an excellent opportunity to promote reading, while raising funds for our school community. The Read-A-Thon helps support our Art and STEM programs, as well as our “Artist in Residence” program that allows different artists to come and work with the children to create murals, music, and so much more!

Thank you, Potomac Families, for helping us exceed our fundraising goal of $25,000!

How to Sign Up:

Go to www.read-a-thon.com/readers and follow the prompts. Your child received a form with instructions at the 1/30 Student Town Hall with their specific code.

Important Notes:

  • Children cannot use their school assigned google account. An adult email account must be used to set up the account.
  • More than one student can be registered under one adult account.
  • Lost the paper or accidently threw it away? No problem! Please email Mrs. Silverman for your child’s information.
  • See more FAQs about tracking minutes below.

Key Dates:

1/ 30: Kick-Off Event: Student Town Hall
2/1 to 2/8: Week 1Week 1 Minutes calculated Thursday 2/9Week 1 Prize Giveaway Friday 2/10
2/9 to 2/15: Week 2Week 2 Minutes calculated Thursday 2/16Week 2 Prize Giveaway Friday 2/10
2/16 to 2/22: Week 3Week 3 Minutes calculated Thursday 2/23Week 3 Prize Giveaway Friday 2/10
2/22 to 2/28: Week 4Week 4 Minutes calculated Thursday 3/2Week 4 Prize Giveaway Friday 3/3
3/6: Celebration EventGrand Prizes Announced Friday 3/6

Click on the full calendar below for more details.


  1. What minutes are counted?
    (a) Only minutes read AT HOME or outside of school will count this year.*
    (b) Minutes read TO your child can also be counted.
  2. How do I report my child’s minutes?
    In order for minutes to be calculated, they must be entered into your child’s profile on the Read-A-Thon website. To be considered for weekly prizes, make sure all of your child’s minutes are entered by Wednesday evenings in February. See the calendar above for more details.
  3. How are minutes calculated?
    Each Thursday in February, we will tally the minutes from all the classes. In addition, we will tally the minutes from all the readers to identify the top class in each grade level as well as the top reader in each grade level.
  4. When are minutes calculated?
    Each Thursday in February, minutes will be tallied from Wednesday to Wednesday, ending on the last day of February. Please see the calendar above for more details.
  5. How can my child win prizes?
    (a) Read as many minutes as possible. Be sure to enter them onto your child’s profile on the Read-A-Thon website.*
    (b) Be part of the class team by tracking minutes read to win class donut parties and other class prizes.
    (c) Fundraise through the Read-A-Thon website. Additional prizes will be distributed according to dollar amount raised (See the Fundraising Prize list below).
  6. How are weekly winners announced?
    Weekly winners will be announced each Monday in February on the Potomac Beat and in the Mustang Mail.
  7. When are prizes distributed?
    Weekly top readers and top classes will receive their prizes on the following Fridays: 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, and 3/3. Please note these dates are subject to change based on snow days. See the calendar above for more details.
  8. When will grand prize winners be announced?
    Grand prize winners for most minutes read during the month, top classes, and top fundraisers will be announced on March 6th at the Read-A-Thon Celebration. The Read-A-Thon Team will announce plans to distribute prizes and invitations to parties on March 6th.

*Minutes reported are based on the honor system but are monitored by the Read-A-Thon Committee to ensure fairness across all grade levels.

Prizes for Read-A-Thon Sponsorship Levels

Amount RaisedPrizes
$50Grab bag of prizes
$100Squishmallow pet
$250Bookmark with light and additional electronic
$500Reading for Fun basket, and prizes listed above

Top Fundraising Raffle for donations over $500 could win:
(4) Naming a hallway
(1) Reserved parking space in front of school
(2) Principal for half the day

Prizes for Reading

  • Each week there will be a top winner in each grade level (Prize Wagon)
  • Each week there will be a top class K-1/ 2-5 (Krispy Kreme Donuts)
  • Winners will be announced Mondays in the Potomac Beat and Mustang Mail.

Grand Prizes

  • K-5 top winners will win a pizza and donut party for his/her class.
  • For students who read at least 2,500 minutes during the 4 weeks, their name will be entered into a raffle to have lunch with Dr. Allie. Two winners will be selected from each grade.
  • Winners will be announced on March 6th at the Read-A-Thon celebration.