The PTA Needs You! Join the PTA Board or Chair an Event

To learn more (no obligation!) about opportunities to join the PTA Board or to chair a committee for the 2023-2024 school year, submit this form.

Open positions include:

  • PTA Board positions (elected)
    • Recording Secretary
    • Programs Chair
  • PTA Special Committee Chairs
    • International Night Co-Chair
    • Potomac’s Got Talent Chair
    • STEAM Night Co-Chair

All 2023-2024 Board positions will be elected by the PTA membership. If you are interested in another board or special committee chair position that is not listed, please also submit the form!

Open Position Descriptions:

Note: the PTA Board meets monthly.

Recording Secretary (Board Officer):

The secretary takes minutes at the monthly board meetings and the quarterly general membership meetings. Must be prepared to read minutes of previous meetings at future meetings if necessary. The secretary is responsible for familiarizing themselves with the bylaws and filing all records. Every 3 years, the secretary is responsible for submitting updated bylaws to the state PTA (this will next be done in 2025).

Programs Chair (Board Position):

The programs director acts as a coordinator between the school, county facilities and the PTA. They work with current vendors and investigate new vendors if necessary to provide before and after school programming for families. They will aid vendors in creating a schedule, navigating the MCPS room rental system, and marketing these programs to families. The Programs Director may also be responsible for additional school programs that are managed through the PTA (such as “Hanging with the Mustangs” half day activities for non-instructional days). The busiest times of year for this position are August, December and early spring.

International/Multicultural Night Co-Chair (Committee Position):

The co-chairs will work with the school community to find representatives to run the tables for various countries/cultures. They will be in charge of creating a passport activity for children and coordinating a fashion show for the event. Preparations may include having passports printed and/or purchasing flags/stamps/etc. This event is usually a weeknight in November. The Multicultural Night chair reports to the PTA Board Events Chair.

Potomac’s Got Talent Chair (Committee Position):

The Chair will work with the Principal and staff to secure the date and time of the event and reserve the venue, historically on a Friday night in Spring at Churchill High School. About 6 weeks prior to the show, the chair will distribute a flyer via teacher’s mailboxes to communicate details about the show to the school community and help advertise the event through school publications. Within the weeks leading up to the show, the chair will attend the auditions, rehearsals, and dress rehearsal to help prepare the performers for show night and assist on the night of the show.

STEAM Night Chair (Committee Position):

The STEAM Night Chair will assist PES staff members in organizing the school’s annual STEAM Night in the spring. The role is flexible depending on the plan for STEAM Night each year. It generally involves serving as a liaison between school staff and the PTA, participating in planning meetings with staff members, and assisting in areas of programming as needed.